May 14, 2007

Sunday Night Stamping: Mother’s Day Gift

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Happy Mothers Day! My mom came out today, we had a great dinner together, but I did yard work rather than finish her gift…I’m a terrible daughter. But she’ll get it tomorrow!
I found out she hasn’t bought new sheet sets for herself in years, so I picked up a flat sheet and a couple of pillowcases from Ikea with this project idea in mind.
First, I washed and dried them- new sheets smell awful coming out of the package.
Then I inked up my friend Jo’s Blossoms Abound set in Pretty in Pink craft ink. I stamped in a simple pattern on both the pillowcases as well as her top sheet.
To stamp the second overlaid image (I love Two-Step Stamping!) I inked up the stamp with Ruby Red craft ink. I did this a lot. Finally I stamped the stem image, then both leaf pieces, in Old Olive craft ink.
This isn’t hard, but I do now have blisters on my thumb, Jo’s stamps are stained (the wood), and I’ve decided to iron them tomorrow. They can air dry overnight.
Aren’t they pretty?
So the steps to stamping on fabric, to re-cap:
1. Prepare your fabric- wash and dry, or iron, as needed (do not use fabric softener or any other additives- I don’t believe it adheres to the fabric correctly)
2. Use Craft Ink only- a pigment based ink. Dye inks (such as Stampin’ Up classic), or Solvent inks (such as Stazon) won’t work!
3. Stamp
4. Let dry. You can speed up the process with a heat gun, but it’s better to leave it alone overnight. Then you can be sure it’s dry.
5. Iron it on the setting for your fabric type (ie. these are cotton) but iron it DRY. No steam!
6. Enjoy!
You should be able to wash these when needed. Over time there will be fading, but the beauty is still there.


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